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Today in News: Galaxy S4, Fedora, TweetDeck

According to latest reports, Samsung Galaxy S4 will start shipping as early as April 23rd. US telecom operator AT&T has changed its previous shipping date of 30th to 23rd April, keeping the price unchanged. The revised shipping date puts AT&T ahead of T-Mobile (24th April) and Sprint (27th April). Meanwhile, Verizon has made live its sign up page for the latest in series of Galaxy S smartphones, but an exact shipping date is not mentioned, just a “coming soon”.

Given the mega-success Galaxy S3 was, it would be interesting to see how S4 fares, especially in comparison with HTC One, which is now available in the US. In a related news, HTC and Samsung have posted online the source code of kernels used in One and Galaxy S4, respectively, doing some good to the open-source community.

Fedora 19 Gets its Default Wallpaper Set

Fedora 19, due to release in July this year, has gotten its set of default wallpapers. buergermeister announced in his blog the results of voting for Supplemental Wallpapers for F19. Out of a total of 52, top 16 were selected for inclusion in the next Fedora release. Personally, I found most of the top 16 amazingly beautiful. Because of their open licences, you can grab them right now, even before you see them in Fedora 19. An excerpt from the announcement:

I am happy, that we also got this time submissions from people they are not amongst the Fedora contributors yet. But also the submissions from our contributors was damn good. So I looking forward for the Supplemental Wallpaper Contest for Fedora 20.

TweetDeck to Shut Down its AIR, Android and iOS Apps

The final piece of news will leave some fans of TweetDeck heartbroken. Arguably the most popular Twitter client during the initial days of microblogging phenomenon, TweetDeck has announced it will be shutting down its apps for AIR, Android and iOS platforms on May 7. These apps will stop working on May 7, and will be removed from their download page and from respective app stores on the same day.

This primarily comes as a result of Twitter’s, TweetDeck’s parent company since 2011, decision to retire its apps using an older Twitter API (v1) rather than upgrading them to use the new API. Twitter will now instead focus its development efforts on TweetDeck’s web and Chrome apps.

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