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Install LibreOffice on Android

There is a huge demand for an open source productivity suite for Android which can also handle ISO approved ODF formats. ODF seems to have been deserted by Google across all of it’s products whether it be Chrome OS, Android or Google Drive. One justified reason can be that there is no demand for ODF, but there never was any demand for WemB, WebP or HTML 5 either. Still Google supported and pushed these technologies as they are open source and open standard. So I fail to understand Google’s neglect of ODF.

There are many efforts being made by the free software/open source communities to bring a consumer grade productivity suite to Android. LibreOffice, among all, is the most promising one. At FOSDEM we interviewed Michael Meeks of SUSE/LibreOffice who gave us a demo of LibreOffice on Android and also talked about the challenges his team was facing.

It seems LibreOffice for Android is now very close to release, so close that you can almost touch it. In fact you can touch it and play with it. The apk files are now available which you can easily download install from this page.

These are very very early builds, where you can see the code in action.

Downloading and installing the app is not as frustration free as it would be had it been available through Google Play Store. Google limits the size of apk files to 50MB, whereas the apps are above 50 MB.

We are looking for aspiring bloggers and journalists for The Mukt. If you are interested, apply now!

Availability through Store would have given the developers more testers to speed up the development work. If you are willing to give LibreOffice developers some helping hand, you can contact them at [email protected]

Swapnil Bhartiya

A free software fund-a-mental-ist and Charles Bukowski fan, Swapnil also writes fiction and tries to find cracks in the paper armours of proprietary companies. Swapnil has been covering Linux and Free Software/Open Source since 2005.


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