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Drupal company Acquia partners with Capgemini

Acquia has entered into an agreement with Capgemini Digital Services. Acquia will collaborate with Capgemini Digital Services to develop and operate content driven applications that deliver rich, immersive digital experiences for its clients.

According to a Capgemini statement it chose Drupal “for its ease of use and its agility. It has a vibrant, structured and large community around it and is several great open source solutions in one, from a web content management platform to a collaboration platform.”

“As Drupal is one of three core technologies we’ve chosen to execute our clients’ digital strategies, it made sense to engage Acquia, the leading authority on enterprise deployments of Drupal, to support this endeavour,” said Simon Short, U.K. chief technology officer, Capgemini. “Incorporating Acquia’s Drupal expertise, robust tools, and cloud-based services with our own offerings will greatly enhance our ability to affect enterprise-scale digital business transformations across a broad spectrum of industries. Our clients can now benefit from continuity, with a smooth and logical progression from detailed plans to actions using new technologies to deliver effective digital transformation.”

We are looking for aspiring bloggers and journalists for The Mukt. If you are interested, apply now!

Capgemini Digital Services was recently formed to deliver every phase of digital transformation for its clients, from design, implementation and rollout of new IT architectures and technologies, to ongoing management, service delivery and support of the new systems.



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