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A Car Which Runs On Raspberry Pi And Linux

Seems Raspberry Pi innovations are now not limited to gadgets only. Students at Norwegian University of Science and Technology have successfully modelled a car which uses the cheap $25 PC as its brain. To keep the car light, the body has been created with carbon fiber. Even the engine has been designed without using iron.

The motor draws power of about 100 watts and capable of giving a maximum speed of 40 kilometers an hour.

According to Jostein Furuseth, chief hardware programmer, the reason for choosing Raspberry Pi was because it can run Linux. This made it easy for him to program in a high level languages like Python. Since most touch monitors come with HDMI / DVI connection, the Pi-an easy to use, since it has these video interfaces, said Furuseth.

The whole car has been designed to be environment friendly and energy-efficient. Raspberry Pi is connected to both a touchscreen and the modular drive system. The team has developed a module that acts as an interface between the PI and the car’s own system and takes care of wireless communication via GPRS/GPS.

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For smart cars of the future, Linux is one of the best choices. The ability to mod it according to ones needs and to run it on any hardware makes it superior to other OSes available.