Intel working on Android powered notebooks?

Android is moving in to fill the gap created by the failing Windows 8, according to reports. There is no doubt that Microsoft has failed to boost the sales of PC hardware and traditional PC vendors are now losing with Microsoft.

One of the biggest losers is Intel which has no presence in the growing mobile space, despite its early efforts like Moblin. Microsoft reportedly threw a punch at Intel by embracing ARM chip, breaking the long Wintel marriage. Intel has been trying to invade the market dominated by ARM, but has not succeeded so far. Now, Intel is reportedly bringing Android to the Microsoft home-turf.

Intel is supposedly working on convertible netbook tablets which Lenovo will bring to the market in May.

DigiTimes reports:

China-based vendor Lenovo has taken the initiative to launch initial models in May while Hewlett-Packard (HP), Toshiba, Acer and Asustek Computer will launch models in the third quarter, according to sources from notebook vendors.

The report further states that Intel will try to keep the prices of these convertible under US $500. Unless we see some products, take such reports with a grain of salt.

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