Install Gnome 3.8 in openSUSE (it’s stable)

While I have been using Gnome 3.8 on Arch for a while, my openSUSE machine was still waiting for it and now I can upgrade it to 3.8 which is a ‘major’ upgrade from a user’s point of view.

There are two kinds of users to whom I would recommend Gnome 3.8 – if you want a simple, elegant and secure (privacy respecting) operating system or if you are already using 3.6 then you must upgrade to 3.8 to get a better Gnome experience.

Gnome needs to be installed on your system before upgrading it. Once Gnome is installed add this repo and then upgrade:

zypper ar -f obs://GNOME:STABLE:3.8/openSUSE_12.3 GS38
zypper dup –from GS38

However, if you are not an English speaking user, Dominique warns:

…due to new language strings, it is very well possible that part of your UI is not translated; this is due to optimizations in the way openSUSE prepares language packages and bundles, but in this situation it ‘fails’. The best way around this is to install gnome-shell-lang explicitly.

If you are not sure about running it on your production machine and want to test Gnome 3.8 first, the team is also working on the live images of openSUSE.

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