Gnome 3.8 coming to openSUSE, test it if you can

openSUSE not only offers great KDE integration, it also offers one of the best Gnome 3.x experience as well. It comes pre-installed with some extensions which gives an amazing out-of-the-box Gnome experience. Gnome 3.8 was released recently and now openSUSE users can use it with ease.

Dominique Leuenberger recently wrote that they were “working hard to push GNOME 3.8 as an addon repository to you.”

He earlier said, “We believe though, having checked in fixes for all of the issues encountered and OBS is busy building again… about 30% already done. Once the builds are published in my ‘test project’ again, we will do some more checkups and if everything goes well, will release it into the wild.”

You can now ‘test’ the builds by adding a repository to your system. Leuenberger explains how to test Gnome 3.8:

zypper patch
zypper ar -f GS38
zypper dup –from GS38

If you are a Gnome user and want to get the goodies of 3.8 you should give it a try and help the developers in ironing out the wrinkles.

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