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Mozilla releases Open Badges 1.0

Mozilla has announced the launch of Open Badges 1.0—a new way to recognise and verify learning. The free, open source software will allow users and institutions to digitally recognize and verify learning that happens anywhere, and use it to get a job, further education, or add to a growing skillset.

In other words, a digital badge is an online representation of a skill you’ve earned. Open Badges takes that concept one step further, by creating an online ecosystem where users can verify, display, and combine badges.

Mozilla said it was developed through a two-year partnership with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Mozilla Executive Director Mark Surman said:

Today, we learn things in a wide variety of ways, but there are fewer opportunities to gain formal recognition. Open Badges lets you take all those skills and show them off in one place, regardless of where you’ve earned them.

Erin Knight, Mozilla’s Senior Director of Learning and Badges, added:

We often talk a about finding ways to make learning more accessible to more people. Open Badges has the power to make that happen. We can legitimatize learning of all kinds, and empower people to create their own custom pathways toward jobs, education and opportunity.

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