App Fever: BBQScreen

If you are an iOS user, you know this feature, but for Android users, this is something relatively new (after the failed Samsung-only TeamViewer app that tries to do the same thing). So here it is, the Android-Desktop remote viewer BBQScreen!

After you download the PC program from their official website, and having bought and installed the Android application, you are ready to go. But as a sidenote, the fact that you need to install something on the computer you want to connect to is somewhat a letdown, because what if you’re not at home, or you’re not allowed to install/run applications on the computer? A solution to this would be implementing the connection streaming to a browser with HTML5 or flash to render the screen.


But after this little letdown, everything runs amazingly smooth, and for a good reason: you’re in the same local area connection! That means the speeds are over 1-2 Mb/s so of course the framerate is smooth, at around 30 fps just as they are stating on the website(so they’re not lying about that).

Even tough it’s an initial release on the Google Play, it just doesn’t feel like one, even with the quirky PC connection method, because it follows the Android Holo design principle, and even the icon looks pretty nice(altough the corners of the icon should be more carefully crafted). Overall if you want to use your phone or tablet without getting it out of your pocket, this is the only decent solution in the market, but it’s not yet something that would make you disappointed after you get a taste of the smooth framerate that provides.

8/10 for the potential and the pretty good initial release.

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