openSUSE hiring a senior KDE developer

openSUSE is while desktop enviornment agnostic and offers all major DEs, it is known for great KDE integration. They invest quite a lot of resources in offering a great KDE experience on top of openSUSE – no wonder it is one of the most polished operating systems around.

Till now Will Stephenson was leading the KDE integration but he is moving into a new position which creates an opportunity for a senior KDE developer to take over from Stephenson.

The openSUSE team is now hiring ‘a senior KDE developer that is willing to join the company to work on openSUSE distribution and customer products where KDE technologies are present.’

Agustin Benito Bethencourt, openSUSE Team Lead, writes on his blog, “Our default openSUSE desktop, KDE, is obviously a relevant piece of our puzzle. But beyond pure KDE work, the selected candidate will also work in other areas of the distribution and will play an important role as openSUSE/SUSE advocate in technical forums.”

Why is suddenly openSUSE looking for a senior KDE developer? Bethencourt explains, “As those of you who are closer to KDE and/or openSUSE know, Will Stephenson has been leading this area the last few years. He is now facing new professional challenges within SUSE so we are looking for somebody that coordinates the openSUSE Team efforts related with KDE together with the openSUSE community, upstream and other SUSE Teams.”

The willing candidates should be ready to move to openSUSE’s headquarters in Nuremberg, GE or to their office in Prague, CZ.

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