Chinese government to use Ubuntu as standardised operating system for the country

CSIP (The China Software and Integrated Chip Promotions Centre) has announced a new reference architecture for Chinese operating systems. CSIP is using Ubuntu as the basis for that reference architecture to create a flexible, open, widely-used and standardised operating system.

CSIP has also formed the CCN Open Source Innovation Joint Lab in Beijing in collaboration with Canonical and the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT).

Engineers from the three organisations will be hosted by this lab to drive the development of a China-focused version of Ubuntu for desktop and cloud. The ‘Chinese’ Ubuntu is called ‘Ubuntu Kylin’, which was recently added to the Ubuntu family as an official flavor. The first version of Ubuntu Kylin will be released on 25 April along with other Ubuntus.

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical said, “With Ubuntu Kylin, China now has its own secure and stable desktop operating system, produced alongside Ubuntu’s global community. Ubuntu combines proven technology with a mature ecosystem and strong OEM and ISV partners, and this initiative allows the Joint Lab to bring those strengths to China across the full range of platforms: desktop, server, cloud, tablet and phone.”

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