Unity Tweak Tool gets added to Raring repository

Good news for Ubuntu fans. Unity Tweak Tool is now available in the Ubuntu 13.04 repository. The tool brings a lot of customization to Ubuntu’s Unity shell and allows users to manage everything – from fonts to Web Apps.

Since Unity is switching to Qt/QML the developer says, “Please do keep in mind that these plans are tentative in nature and it very much depends on how Unity development pans out over the next year or so. We’ll try our best to create a tweak tool for the Qt/QML based Unity as and when it becomes available for users.”

The developer is planning to add more features to the tool including the ability to ‘sync the settings, potentially across various computers, using Ubuntu One and back up and restore settings, for those feeling adventurous yet unwilling to compromise their current setup.

The upcoming version may include more features such as

  • Search bar
  • Installing and removing themes from tarballs
  • Unit tests to prevent any new bugs from creeping in and to increase the quality of the code
  • Autopkgtests — Automatic testing for packages
  • Extensive debug logs for better bug-hunting.

To install it run following command:
sudo apt-get update && install unity-tweak tool

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