Samsung plans August release for first Tizen smartphone

Samsung Electronics created a lot of buzz surrounding the Galaxy S4, which was finally unveiled on Thursday. But amidst this buzz, did you forget that Samsung has also been working on Tizen OS that will compete against the most prominent open source mobile OS Android?

Well, the smartphone maker is planning to release the first phone powered by the open-source Tizen OS in August or September, said a report by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg quoted Lee Young Hee, executive vice president-mobile business, Samsung as saying: “The Tizen phone will be out in August or September, and this will be in the high-end category. The device will be the best product equipped with the best specifications.”

The model will join two other handsets designed by Samsung for release this year; these include the much-talked-about Galaxy S4 and the forthcoming Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung, along with chip maker Intel, are among a total of 12 companies pushing forward the development of Tizen. At present, there are no Tizen-powered devices available in the market. But if Chase Perrin, an official with the Tizen Association, is to be believed the first high-end Samsung Tizen smartphone won’t have any dearth of applications to choose from.

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