KDE’s KWin won’t support Ubuntu’s Mir

Mark Shuttleworth surprised the KDE community yesterday when he said, “I’ve absolutely no doubt that Kwin will work just fine on top of Mir. And I’m pretty confident Mir will be on a lot more devices than Wayland.” It was surprising because the KWin maintainer Martin Gräßlin had already made it clear, after Wayland controversy, that he won’t support Mir and veto any attempt to do so. It seems like Shuttleworth made that statement without consulting or talking to the KDE developers.

Gräßlin responds to Shuttleworth’s post and wrote on his blog,“But I have doubt that KWin will work just fine on top of Mir and I have already stated so. You might have wanted to check the facts before stating such claims (somehow I get a feeling for a pattern here).”

Gräßlin then cites reasons why he thinks Shuttleworth should not make such bold claims:

  • You don’t even know how to write KWin
  • Currently the number of commits to KWin by an Canonical employee is 0 (git log — kwin | grep @canonical)
  • No Canonical employee has so far contacted the KWin team on how we could integrate Mir and whether we are interested at all
  • I have to question the abilities of Canonical to judge what other software can do and cannot after Canonical argued with non existing issues in Wayland for Mir
  • We are still waiting for the Wayland adjustments for KDE done by Canonical.

Gräßlin then reminds Shuttleworth the promise he made back in 2010 to support Wayland:

We’ll help GNOME and KDE with the transition, there’s no reason for them not to be there on day one either.

Gräßlin asked Shuttleworth to “…keep KWin out of the pro-Mir campaign. I didn’t ask for Mir, I don’t want Mir and reading blog posts like the one which triggered this reply does lower my motivation to ever have anything to do with Mir. Mir is an answer to a question nobody asked. It’s a solution to problem which does not exist.”

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