Say Hello To Androidly: An All-In-One Smartwatch

After the much talked about Pebble, the new Androidly by an Indian start-up wants a piece of the smart watch pie too. The company claims that Androidly is better than the likes of Sony’s Live View, Motorola’s MotoACTV  as well as Pebble, I’m Watch and Meta Watch presently available in the market.

All of these watches offer features such as displaying your social network feeds, Caller ID, and the time. Yes, there are some brands which have their own app stores with around one to twenty applications available, but that’s the limit. According to Apurva Sukant, one of the partners in the company, Androidly enables the smart watch to do all that a smartphone can do by making optimal use of technology.

Claimed to the world’s smallest fully featured Android device,  Androidly can do everything from sharing content to making calls to receiving messages. Featuring a 2-inch display, the device is powered by a 416 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM. It also comes with a camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, SIM card slot, Google Play Store (with access to over 500,000 applications)  and other wireless modes. The watch includes an internal storage capacity of 8 GB also.

Androidly will carry a price tag of anywhere around $299 to $349 when it goes on regular sale. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for this all-in-one smartwatch to arrive!

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