Is Ubuntu Announcing Tablet Made By HTC?

The Ubuntu home page has a similar countdown clock as we saw for the release of Ubuntu Phone (OS). The text and the ‘form-factor’ of the countdown clock leaves nothing to imagination.

Canonical is probably going to announce Ubuntu Tablet OS within 24 hours. Since they are using Qt/QML for their mobile OS it won’t be hard to run it on a tablet, as it is extremely scalable and can run on different form factor. I was actually surprised to see they did not make any announcement for tablet.

So, MWC visitors will now have a tablet and a phone running on Ubuntu OS. My wild guess is that these are Ubuntu image to run on Google’s Nexus 7.

Update: Just noticed the timer on HTC site as well, which has been there for a while. What’s your opinion on the synced timers on HTC and Ubuntu sites?

  1. Coincidence?
  2. HTC will also announce a tablet running Ubuntu OS?
  3. Separate events but Canonical is doing it to get fans like us excited?

Here is an image of HTC devices and you can see one devices is a bit bigger; is that Ubuntu tablet?

(courtesy: 9to5GOOGLE)

What do you think, am I right? I am excited and looking forward to it.

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