New KDE Vivaldi Tablet May Be Announced In March

Aaron Seigo tried to break into the tablet space with the KDE powered ‘Sparks’ tablet, which due to trademark issues was re-christened as Vivaldi. When he announced the tablet, there as a huge demand for the devices but the devices never saw the light of the day due to problems with supply chain.

The OEM changed some hardware which made it impossible for the OS to run on those device. There was a long silence and Seigo has started talking about it. He gave me hints about some big announcement around Vivaldi when I asked him about meeting at FOSDEM and he said that he was canceling the FOSDEM trip due to Vivaldi.

He has given more info on Vivaldi during his The Luminosity of Free Software E2 Google+ hangout.

He has not given much details about the tablet, he did say that he was working with companies in UK and companies from China (obviously) and there will be some big announcement by the end of the month or early March.  Seigo’s dedication to this tablet may finally bring pure ‘free software’ tablet to the market.

Seigo says that either by the end of this month, or early March he will be able to show what the end result (read tablet) will look like. He also pointed out that the new devices will have higher resolution and more memory than the ‘previous’ version of Vivaldi. That’s when he will also announce who their partners are in bringing and distributing these tablets.

Seigo further ads that they will be accepting orders from governments or school. He also goes on to say that if organizations want custom branded OS image on these tablets they can do that as well.

Raspberry Pi, after initial hiccups, have proved that it’s not that hard to bring your hardware to the market.

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