LibreOffice Gets A Brand New Home

LibreOffice team is on ‘fire’. After releasing 4.0 which is a ‘completely’ different office suite than OpenOffice.

The team has revamped the, bidding goodbye to the ‘boring’ and aged design. The new design is jazzy and reflects how aggressive the ‘new’ LibreOffice community is, shedding the old brand image it inherited from the doomed OpenOffice. This change also gives a hint that the UI of this popular open source office suite may also get the same make-over

Florian Effenberger, co-founder  and the chairman of The Document Foundation, writes on Google+:

Amazing new software, amazing new website: – Kudos to Christophe, Jean-Louis, Morgane and Camille from Alter Way!

The foundation has also published its first official app on Google Play store, marking its entry into the ‘mobile’ space.

LibreOffice is experiencing a huge adoption across organizations and enterprises. There were reports that Microsoft is planning to port its cash cow MS Office to Linux – if the reports are true it clearly shows that LO is making some serious inroads into Microsoft’s core segment and scared Microsoft is now bringing its product to the platform where everyone else is going.

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