KDE’s Aaron Seigo Starts Weekly Hangout On Google+

Great news for KDE users. Aason Seigo, the KDE project lead, is starting a weekly Google+ Hangout. Seigo ‘tested’ the first hangout and it went well, except for some initial glitches caused by Pulse Audio.

The success of this Hangout encouraged him to continue his live cast on Google+ (which will be recorded and available on YouTube) under the name “The Luminosity of Free Software“.

The Hangout won’t be exclusively about or for KDE. Seigo explains:

You may notice that there is no “KDE” in the title (or my name, either :) and that’s intentional. I want to be able to discuss larger issues in Free software, and this gives me more freedom to do so. The show will be a reflection of my interests and those who watch and participate, so there will be a good amount of discussion that relates to or is relevant for KDE, it just won’t be exclusively about it.

Seigo is sticking to a simple format for his regular Hangout:

The format is going to be pretty simple: I’ll open with a short (2-5 minute) reflection on Free software, followed by two (maybe sometimes three) prepared segments of about five-minutes each on technology and community happenings and then open it up to your questions. The goal is 45-60 minutes of content in all. That means I’ll only come with fifteen minutes of prepared content … the rest is up to!

The time of the next Hangout will be announced on his blog. You can join the active KDE Community on Google+ to stay updated with KDE related news and discussion.

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