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Ubuntu Software Updater To Get Revamped

The upcoming release of Ubuntu 13.04, also known as Raring Ringtail, is in full pace of development. In order to ensure that Unity gets more sleek and this release becomes the best release for mobile devices, developers are also concentrating on other areas of Ubuntu software.

The current Software Updater has some changes in looks that will definitely make it more easier to use.

Mathew Paul Thomas, an Ubuntu designer, has sought help from the community for providing a nice icon for the software updater app. According to him, the current icon of Ubuntu Software Updater doesn’t provide any visual clue that it’s a official Ubuntu application.

We have a usability problem in Software Updater (formerly known as Update Manager).

The problem is that when the updates dialog appears by itself, there’s no visual clue that this is an official Ubuntu thing. In Ubuntu 12.10 and earlier, the icon is just a brown box with an orange arrow. And in Raring right now, it’s an “A” with a progress bar and arrows around it – — again, nothing obviously to do with Ubuntu, and a bit of a non sequitur too.

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So, it would help if we had a new icon, one which obviously communicates that these are official updates for Ubuntu.

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