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Build An App For Aakash Tablet And Win Upto 50,000 Rupees

The makers of Aakash tablets have launched an online competition for developing apps for the Aakash tablet. Anyone can take part in this contest and win prizes upto 50,000 rupees. One can develop apps in both operating systems supported by Aakash, i.e. Android and GNU/Linux.

There is no registration fee, and the last date for submitting your apps is 17th of March, 2013. While mainly aimed for the student developers, experts and enthusiasts of Linux and Android are also welcome. You can develop apps as a team of up to three members, or as an individual. Java is the recommended language for Android apps, while C, C++ and Java is recommended for GNU/Linux. You can use Qt for development too, just make sure that the total amount of RAM usage of your app doesn’t exceed 20 mega bytes.

Aakash tablet is the cheapest tablet in th world. These tablets were created by students of Indian Institutes of Technology and C-DAC for the use by Indian students in education and communication. While the earlier versions of Aakash received not so good reviews, the makers are making sure that the next version of Aakash will be better, both in terms of functionality and hardware.

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Head over this page to participate in this competition.

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