Ubuntu Moving To Rolling Release Model?

Ubuntu Kernel team lead manager Leann Ogasawara has some interesting news for those Ubuntu fans who droll at Arch-Linux and Gentoo because of their rolling release model.

While this idea has been suggested and debated for years, it seems that Ubuntu developers are finally interested follwing a rolling release model.

Ogasawara said in Ubuntu on Air event, a Google+ hangout organized by Canonical teams to interact with the community:

We were talking about this idea of a rolling release, and by 14.04 to talk about going from LTS to LTS, getting rid of these interim releases.

Rolling release allows you a number of benefits, such as easier maintainance of the machine, no continued operating system reinstallations after a specific time period, and more than that, less development workload for nasty six month releases.

Among the potential drawbacks, rolling releases are considered highly unstable and not suitable for the average an home user. An update in one library or program may break couple of other things.

You can view the event here in Youtube.

Do you think it’s a good idea for Canonical to adopt rolling release model for Ubuntu?

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