Aussie Pirate Party Officially Enters Politics

The Pirate Party officially becomes an Australian political organisation, stating that it “passed all tests by the Australian Electoral Commission“. For those who don’t know, a Pirate Party is, according to Wikipedia, a label adopted  by political parties in different countries that supports  civil rights, direct democracy and participation, free sharing of knowledge and freedom of information, advocating network neutrality and universal Internet access.

The initial consideration of the Australian Pirate Party began on 5’th of December 2012, when AEC(Australian Electoral Commission) found no reason to refuse the application. According to them, the party’s application had only one objection but it wasn’t even being considered because “it did not contain a ground that may be considered under the Electoral Act”. The objection was referring to the fact that the witness to the statuory declaration of the applying party listed her work address instead of the home address that “might have been required under unspecified changes in instructions to the process of the peace”. So the objection was kindly dropped due to its low importance.

The Pirate Party declares that their main focus will be on whistleblowe, running candidates for selection, and data retention policies: “As the Prime Minister condemns whistleblowers and publishers without trial, the spectre of data retention looms, policy is laundered and Australias’s interests are sidelined by faceless diplomats and bureaucrats through ill-considered trade pacts there has never been more reason to put pirates in parliament”(Rodney Serkowsky – party founder).

If everything goes well, the Australian citizens will be able to vote for the election of the Pirate Party to Parliament at the next Federal Election.

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