Android, Samsung Beat Apple

Apple is slowly but steadily reciding to where it rightly belongs — a tiny niche corner in the tech world. Thanks to its arrogance and nonsense attitute towards competition. Google’s open source Android is taking over the world and according to comScore’s MobiLens survey, Samsung and Google are outstripping Apple.

The report says, “Google leads the pack in the EU5-markets, specifically in the U.K. and Germany. In Germany the number of smartphones using Google’s Android operating system rose by 138 over the year to nearly 52 percent in November 2012. For the EU5-markets as a whole, Google increased its share to 48 percent of the smartphone audience, an increase of 115 percent compared to last year.”

Not that Apple is not growing, it grew by 33 percent (in line with the  average growth rate of the market), it only holds 21 percent share of the EU5-markets.

“Research in Motion (RIM) and Microsoft captured around eight percent and five percent of the EU5 market share respectively, with increases of nine percent and 16 percent respectively. The big loser is Nokia’s Symbian. Although the operating system still holds 16 percent of the market, their share of the smartphone audience has declined by 32 percent over the year. In Europe, Android and iOS are the clear winners.”

Android vendor Samsung is the new star amongst smartphone manufacturers in the EU5-markets capturing 31 percent of the smartphone market in the countries surveyed in November 2012.  Apple’s dominance of the market is declining with iPhones accounting for 28 percent of all smartphones in November 2012. In the UK, Apple’s growth rate is in line with the market average of 33 percent.

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