Samsung Working On Tizen Phone?

Samsung, which became a market leader thanks to Android, is reportedly working on a smartphone powered by Linux-based Tizen operating system. H-Online reports that Samsung is working with Docomo to create a Tizen powered smartphone. “Apparently, the devices are scheduled to come on the market in Japan and other countries during 2013. As well as Docomo, other mobile telephony providers including Vodafone and France Telecom and manufacturers such as Panasonic and NEC have also reportedly been contributing to the development of Tizen devices.”

Tizen is primarily Intel’s Moblin which transformed into MeeGo under partnership with Nokia, which was killed after Microsoft executive Stephen Elop took charge of Nokia to turn it into pizza (software) delivery boy for Microsoft. When Nokia pulled out Intel worked with Samsung to keep Moblin alive in form of Tizen, which is hosted by the Linux Foundation.

Samsung already has its Bada operating system which it uses in some devices. Samsung was expected to merge Bada efforts with Tizen but there has been no attempt in that regards.

How Samsung, the Android market leader, positions this phone and creates an app ecosystem around it will be interesting to watch.

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