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RIM Proposes A Donation Of $10,000 To Qt Project Hosting

Qt is one of the most important projects for both commercial and non-commercial players, especially in the embedded space. Now RIM is trying to lure Qt developers for the success of BlackBerry. If you are a developer of Qt apps RIM is offering a great deal for your Qt applications under Blackberry Qt porting program.

Hashiq Nazir, BlackBerry Developer Evangelist of RIM writes:

For BlackBerry 10 to be successful we need Qt Developers to bring us their applications and also a strong Qt Development framework and therefore we also have an offer of a one-time donation of $10,000 USD to the Qt Project Hosting Foundation if 50 eligible Qt apps are ported to BlackBerry 10 by the Qt Community and then posted and available for sale in BlackBerry App World by January 30, 2013(*)

In order to participate in this program a developer needs to become a BlackBerry World Vendor and submit her porting plan to bring your Qt app to BlackBerry 10 for approval.

The criterion is simple:

•  Become a BlackBerry World Vendor.
•  Apps must be submitted to BlackBerry World by Jan. 20/13 and be approved.
•  50 Qt apps must be up for sale in BlackBerry World by Jan.30/13.

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If you are a Qt developer this is a great chance for both you and the Qt community. If 50 Qt apps get ported to Blackberry by Qt community and made available for sale in Blackberry App World then RIM will donate $10,000 USD to the Qt Project Hosting Foundation. And as previously said, you will get a chance to win Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device.

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