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OUYA Team Announces Giveaway For Game Devs

Creators of OUYA, the first game console in the world to be entirely based on Android, have announced a giveaway for game developers. The team has also announced that the first lot of game consoles will be shipped by the end of December.

To get a free console, all you need to do is to tweet about your game idea with the hashgtag #myowngame. The OUYA team will then judge your tweet based on three factors:

  • How creative you are
  • How popular your idea is (retweets, comments etc)
  • Whether they believe you can make the game

Students and code learners can also apply for the give away:

We will also save a few of these dev consoles for students, so no matter how experienced you are, share your game ideas…we know there’s a lot of craftsmanship between a game concept and a finished product. This little contest is our vote of confidence that you’ll get there.

We are looking for aspiring bloggers and journalists for The Mukt. If you are interested, apply now!

So get your ideas ready and get a chance to win first of the OUYA game console.

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