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Kraft 0.50, A Business Document Management App, Released

Kraft developer Klaas Freitag has announced version 0.50 of the Kraft, a software for easy business document management. As per announcement on the official blog, Main change in Kraft 0.50 is support for multiple tax rate in a single document. For example one invoice items without tax, with reduced or full tax rate are supported.

Apart from that other main changes including some bug fixes are :

  • Addressees can be added to a document even if the document already exists, not only if the doc is created.
  • Documents display a page number on page two to end.
  • On insertion of a new item to a document, the new item is focussed automatically.
  • Manually added items can be added to the catalogue on entering again.
  • The document type configuration dialog was reworked.
  • The amount of processed SQL commands on setup is correct.
  • Document saving is more performant.
  • Improved error handling if Akonadi or the report generation fails. That eases debugging.
  • Import of CSV-lists into the document was fixed.
  • MySQL database setup is fixed.
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Links for downloading source codes as well as binaries are available on this page. Also kraft comes in live bootable image which is based on openSUSE. You can try this software in VirtualBox or booting from LiveCD. It comes pre configured and with example data which helps you to discover features of this software.

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