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Here Comes Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix

There may be a lot of users who would want to use the light-weight Cinnamon desktop instead of Unity on Ubuntu systems, without switching to Linux Mint. Developer Robert Bennett has spinned a Linux distro for such users.

Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix uses Ubuntu as the base to run Cinnamon desktop. What’s more interesting about this project is that, just like Linux Mint, it comes with all popular multimedia codecs and applets for Cinnamon. It also offers out of the box support for Adove Flash and DVD playback. You can download the DVD ISO image from here and burn it to a DVD or install it on a USB stick.

Here is a screenshot of the desktop.

For bugs and known issues, visit their Sourceforge page.

Looking at the close resemblance it has with Linux Mint, I fail to understand the purpose of this distro. How different is Linux Mint from this distro?

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It sounds like Linux Mint Ubuntu Remix.

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  1. LINUX MINT A WAY DIFFERENT THAN UBUNTU. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix takes ONE OF THE OPTIONS for an interface from Mint, and makes it an option for Ubuntu.

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