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Fedora 18 Will Include LibreOffice In The LiveCD

One of the gripes of the Fedora users, and mine as well, was that it doesn’t come bundled with any office suite. Users have to manually install LibreOffice or Calligra to get some work done. This is changing now. The LiveCD of Fedora 18 Spherical Cow will be shipped with LibreOffice installed. This is a great step from Fedora developers towards usability. This change is pushed by Bill Nottingham to Fedora 18.

The interesting bit of this story is that the DVD edition won’t install LibreOffice by default, you will have to select it as an “add-on” in the installer.

Kamil Páral cites the reason behind this:

The infrastructure standing behind package collections has been re-worked and it doesn’t allow us to enable some collection (like LibreOffice) by default. Of course you can still select it manually. Hopefully we will have it fixed and auto-selected in Fedora 19.

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This is good news for newcomers to Fedora Linux as it gives them a ‘working’ system. Unfortunately Fedora doesn’t ship with compilers like gcc, and g++. They still need to include essential tools for building kernel in Fedora by default as others do.

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