Apper’s New Updater Coming With Awesome New Features

Everyone likes updates, specially because they are free. Updates protect your system from security threats, kill bugs and sometimes, add new features too. System and software updates are useful, so an fast and sleek updater tool is a must for every Linux installation. The command line tools of package management are nice, but as many people may not like it, graphical package managers come handy. Apper is a great package management tool that is based on Qt and suitable specially for the KDE desktop. A new update of Apper will be pushed soon, and it has got some wonderful improvements this time like one click updater, UI refresh and more. Have a look at the screenshots.

Sync your repos and get updates:

And if your system is up to date:

List and categories of updates you have

One click update of your system on going

Update changelog

What I specially like about this updater (apart from awesome looks) is that you can just update your system without opening any new window, hassle free and fast.

Apper 0.8.0 is scheduled to be released in a day or two.

Slideshow Image:

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