ownCloud KDE Client Coming Soon

ownCloud, the free and open source cloud solution, will be getting a client especially for the KDE Plasma Desktop soon. Sebastian Kügler, one of the KDE developers, announced the development of the KDE client on his blog recently.

During the Akademy this year a discussion started among Kügler, Klaas Freitag (an employee of ownCloud) and some developers – the focus, as mentioned above, was on improving the integration with KDE. This was expected since ownCloud is conceptualized developed by one of the KDE project developers, Frank Karlitschek, and was funded in part by KDE e.V. (the registered non-profit organisation that manages all legal and financial interest of the KDE project).

The developers started designing a KDE plasma client for ownCloud taking the code from Mirall and what they came up with is the following (as posted by Sebastian Kügler on his blog):

  • The UI bits and synchronization code from Mirall will be split, and the sync mechanism will be split out into a shared library
  • The shared library is used by a daemon, which on the one hand takes care of keeping files in sync, and one other side exports a DBus control interface
  • A Plasma widget shows synchronization status and allows basic control like disabling syncingA System Settings module allows to setup synchronization of the ownCloud client
  • A Plasma Active Settings module allows to set up the ownCloud client from your mobile device
  • ownCLoud Plasma Client

The client is still in active development and the planned release date is currently March 2013, with Plasma Active 4. This is an important project and it’s look for contributors.ownCloud is also making inroads in the enterprise space so there is huge potential in it. If you’re interested in contributing to the project development get in touch with the developers on the project’s Github page.

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