OUYA Team Announces Giveaway For Game Devs

Creators of OUYA, the first game console in the world to be entirely based on Android, have announced a giveaway for game developers. The team has also announced that the first lot of game consoles will be shipped by the end of December.

To get a free console, all you need to do is to tweet about your game idea with the hashgtag #myowngame. The OUYA team will then judge your tweet based on three factors:

  • How creative you are
  • How popular your idea is (retweets, comments etc)
  • Whether they believe you can make the game

Students and code learners can also apply for the give away:

We will also save a few of these dev consoles for students, so no matter how experienced you are, share your game ideas…we know there’s a lot of craftsmanship between a game concept and a finished product. This little contest is our vote of confidence that you’ll get there.

So get your ideas ready and get a chance to win first of the OUYA game console.

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