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Google Sandboxed Adobe Flash Player, Makes It Secure

Adobe’s Flash Player is quite important for Google since Google is the owner of the world’s largest video site YouTube which relies much on Flash Player. Though Adobe’s Flash Player is on its way out as HTML5 is becoming more and more popular it is still one of the widely used browse plug-in which is used to watch videos, play games and consume content on the web.

At the same time it is one of the most insecure technologies which is often used as “a vector for malware, which tries to monitor your activities, steal information, or otherwise wreak havoc on your computer, ” writes Scott Hess, Software Engineer and Mac Malware Mitigator, Google.

Microsoft, the monopoly which dominated the desktop space (with Internet Explorer the leading web browser), did not do much to mitigate the risks posed by Adobe Flash thus putting users data and computing at risk.

As Google increased its market presence with Chrome it started working with Adobe to improve the security of Flash Player. Google has now sandboxed Flash Player inside it’s Chrome browser on Mac as well thus securing users using Adobe Flash Player on all leading platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac.

Hess writes:

…Flash Player is now fully sandboxed in Chrome on all of our desktop platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. Ultimately, this means a safer experience for you as you browse the web. We take the security of Chrome extremely seriously, so we’re excited to be delivering these enhanced protections, and we’ve enjoyed collaborating with Adobe on this effort.

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So, now you can use Adobe Flash Player inside Chrome without worrying about it compromising your PC.

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