Here Comes PengPod Tablet Which Dual Boots Linux As Well As Android

We have heard dual-booting in PCs, Macs and Laptops. The amazing technology allows one to oot into two OSes in a single computer. User has to specify different partitions for the OSes he wants to boot and is provides with options during booting. Dual booting was unknown in tablets and mobile phones until lately. Innovators have come out with PengPod, that will be able to boot Android as well as Linux in a single tablet.

The tab boots Android and Plasma Active, which is an attractive KDE based interface specifically suited for touch devices. The tablet is powered by Allwinner A10 processor and boasts a processor speed of 1.2 gHz. Some of the other top features are:

  • 1.2ghz Cortex A8 ARM Core
  • MALI400MP OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU
  • DDR3 Controller 800MHz 1GB max
  • 2160p Hardware-accelerated Video playback (4x the resolution of 1080p)2D Accelerated Graphics Engine
  • NAND Flash Controller
  • 4 SDIO interfaces
  • USB 2.0 Host as well as a 2nd USB-OTG Interface
  • 24-pin RGB/TTL as well as simultaneous HDMI out
  • SATA-II 3gb/sec
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • a 2nd 24-pin RGB/TTL interface that is multiplexed (shared) on the same pins for a standard IDE (PATA) interface.
  • GPIO, I2C, PWM, Keyboard Matrix (8×8) and much more.

The tablet is currently in crowd funding stage in Indiegogo and needs a croud funding of $49,000 to become a reality. You can pre-order PengPod 700 for $99 from this page.

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