Lead Compiz Developer Leaves Canonical To Persue Education

A leading Ubuntu developer has left Canonical to persue his University studies. Sam Spilsbury worked on Compiz development for quite a long time.

Sam wrote on his blog:

Its really been a wild ride. So why did I leave?

Sometimes, there are moments in life when you realize that things need to change, where one is isn’t necessary the best place for one to be. If we don’t re-evaluate our situation from time to time, sometimes its easy to get stuck in the same place over and over again, and that can really wear you out.

I think the realization for me hit when I was walking home from University at 1AM so I could start work. It occurred to me that maybe the amount of time I was required to put into each was less than the maximum amount of time that I had available in any one day.

Of course, it isn’t fair on anyone for me to pretend that this isn’t true. University has gotten a lot more intense lately, but the reality is that its my future and I want to finish this degree. So in the end I made a choice.

Compiz is a advanced Window manager for Linux desktops which supports amazing plugins and other cool desktop effects. Most Linux distributions don’t use Compiz anymore.

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