Next Fedora Release Will Be Named Schrodinger’s Cat

Voting to decide the release name of the next Fedora Release (Fedora 19) has ended.  Fedora 19, “Schrodinger’s Cat”, will be released after Fedora 18, a Fedora release that was set to release this month (but was postponed).

Here are the voting totals.

1876 — Schrödinger’s Cat
1620 — Higgs Boson
1012 — Tiddalik
960 — Loch Ness Monster
907 — Newtonian Dynamics
892 — Martian Blueberries
722 — Parabolic Potassium
595 — Cubical Calf

Schrodinger (spelled here without the o with umlaut) did not actually perform experiments on cats. Erwin Schrodinger was a Austrian theortical physicist, who developed the famous thought experiment with a cat. In physics, quantum states are undefined. In the famous thought experiment, the cat is placed into a device set to poison and kill the cat if a certain amount of radiation is detected. Since quantum physics says that radiation is a quantum phenomenon, The cat exists in a quantum state before the box is opened. So, according to quantum theory, the cat is neither living nor dead, until the box is opened. If that doesn’t amaze you, reread the previous sentence.

Martian blueberries are a thing. Cubical Calf is a reference to a previous Fedora release, “Spherical Cow”.  Tiddalik the frog is a mythical creature from aboriginal mythology.

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