Netflix Now Runs On Linux

Aspiring power users are running Netflix video streaming on Linux.

Erich Hoover has just won a months-old IHeartUbuntu contest to find a way to get Netflix running. Users have been wanting a way to run Netflix on Linux for years and years. Until today, the Netflix DRM required Linux users to install Microsoft Windows to watch Netflix.

The instructions are verified for 32-bit Ubuntu and available here. 32-bit users will be installing git, pulling WINE, downloading patches, installing WINE patches, and downloading Silverlight 4 and Firefox for Windows. Installing software from the command line may be difficult for new users, so perhaps they should wait until a PPA is released for the patched WINE. 64-bit users are also advised to wait. Although the instructions are Ubuntu-specific, Users familiar with patching WINE should be able to use the WINE patches and get Netflix on their non-Ubuntu distributions.

Users on the IHeartUbuntu page are also encouraged to donate money to the WINE project.

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