Detained KDE Developer May Be Released Soon

We posted earlier about a KDE developer named Daniel Nicoletti who has been detained in Germany because of murder charges of his daughter. The good news is that he may be released soon.

His wife posted on his blog:

Hello friends! We have wonderful news! The Argentine lawyers challenged before the Argentine courts and challenged the entire procedure was applied to Daniel, the Brazilian press also entered the event with strength and charging the Foreign Ministry saying that if something was not done quickly everything would be exposed in the media. And I think that he will be released today.

Muktware recently interviewed Nicoletti and you can learn about his wonderful contributions to the KDE desktop. Nicoletti had been detained in Germany while he was travelling to attend Linux Color Management Hackfest in Czech Republic.

If you are a open-source lover and want to give back something to the work done by the developer, you can donate to them. The donations will be used to support legal expenses in Germany.

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