Canonical Releases Ad For Ubuntu For Android

Back in February Mark Shuttleworth announced Ubuntu for Android as a part of Ubuntu’s multi-device plan. Ubuntu for Android is a side-by-side pairing of the Android and Ubuntu OSes on a single phone. You can dock in and transform your android phone into a fully functional Ubuntu desktop and while you plug the phone out it can be used as normal android phone. Also you will be able to use your Android apps from your desktop using the Ubuntu for Android.

The OSes are sharing their Data and also the Kernel which means that no hassle of syncing and also very efficiently working OSes. More can be found about the Ubuntu for Android at Ubuntu’s official website.

There has been lots of talk and praises about this project since its announcement and recently a short animated 2 minute ad is out. The ad is targeted to normal users and is not a bit geeky.

The ad ends with “get a phone with Ubuntu for Android and live a life less complicate” but there is no such phone currently available. Therefore question raises over the purpose of this ad. Is this ad an prelude before an announcement of a phone with Ubuntu for Android? Or is this ad created in order to create more interest of the public towards the project?

It is not clear and for now we can only speculate, wait and watch.

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