Samsung’s New 85-inch UHD TV Wins Innovation Award

Samsung has been boasting about winning 27 CES Innovation Awards including a Best of Innovation Award for its as yet unreleased 85-inch UHD TV. They plan on showing off the 8 million pixel telly at CES 2013.

It’s billed as, ‘the world’s largest commercialized UHD LED TV,’ with four times the resolution of Full HD displays. It will be the company’s first  85-inch 4K TV. LG has already brought out an 84-inch 4K 3D TV,  selling for around $20,000, which gives you a ballpark idea of how much Samsung’s telly will be selling for.

Toshiba and Sony are also getting in on the act, having announced their own 84-inch 4K models as well. The one obvious thing Samsung has got over its competitors is the fact that their screen is 1 inch bigger.

Other Samsung products that won awards include;  the Samsung Smart TV Camera,  Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Samsung’s 64GB MicroSD Memory Card.

Many of the winning products will be first unveiled at Samsung’s CES press conference on Monday January 7, 2013.

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