13-Year-Old Publishes Android App in Google Play Store

Evan N. Frost, 13, recently published an Android application called Jurassic Sounds to the online Google store, Google Play. The app plays sounds from various dinosaurs of the Jurassic and other periods of the Mesozoic age.

The app was published under his brand, “Hidden Ninjas.” The young resident of Palm Beach, USA has been running his own website (HiddenNinjas.com) since he was 9 years old.  At his website (compelely created by Evan)  he has many games and written works available free for everyone. Some are browser based games or stories, and others are downloadable.

“I learned HTML in the third grade,” said Hidden Ninjas founder Evan N. Frost, “and since then have also learned some BASIC, PYTHON and JAVA. I wanted to learn JAVA because most Android apps are written in it. I like writing stories and I like programming games.”

The young chap is planning an update to “Jurassic Sounds,” which he will be offering for $1. (A Kid has gotta live) He is also working on an app that can tell you how fast your computer processor is running.

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