KDE Developer Detained In Germany Over Murder Charges Of His Daughter

The extremely proficient KDE/Linux developer Daniel Nicoletti has been detained at German immigration on an International Arrest Warrant related to a car accident [read the complete story here.]

We recently interviewed Nicoletti and you can see how many great contributions he has made to the KDE and Linux development.

Nicoletti’s fate is now in the hands of the German court whether to extradite him or release him. Nicoletti is being accused of the murder of his daughter who was killed in a tragic car accident in Argentina. The KDE team had dedicated a release in memory of his daughter.

Nicoletti was flying from Brazil to attend the Linux Color Management Hackfest being held in the Czech Republic. Since his family lives in Brazil his wife is trying to go to Germany to prepare defense for Nicoletti by providing the German courts with all the needed documentation related to the accident. She apparently can’t afford to bear the expenses so a donation has been set up to raise funds to enable her to go to Germany.

If you are a Linux/Open Source supporter please help Nicoletti’s family and make a donation.

Click here to lend your support to:  URGENT flights to go to the Brazilian Consulate in Munich and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !


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