Half-Life 3 is Linux Exclusive [Hoax]

Update: It turned out to be a hoax. Apologies.

Microsoft’s drive to alienate partners — hardware vendors and software developers have started to pay off. Looking at the way Microsoft was planning to control the otherwise open app ecosystem, Valve decided to concentrate on Linux which has an open app ecosystem.

Now, Valve has pushed the envelop even further by making one of its popular game exclusive for Linux.

According to Play4Real, Valve director Gabe Newell announced during LinuxCon 2012 that Half-Life 3 will be available exclusively on Linux.

I would like to state right now that the next Half-Life game will officially be exclusive on Linux platforms.

Talking about Linux as a gaming platform Newell said:

This release will spark a Linux gaming revolution and will provide a dynamic shift in the developer space that is desperately needed to save everyone from the nightmare that is Windows 8.

The exclusivity of Half Life 3 on Linux may bring the hard-core Steam users to Linux and they use it purely as a secondary machine for gaming.

Newel has complete faith in Linux. He said:

If I didn’t have faith that Linux would take off as a gaming platform, I would not be up here. In fact, we had to restart development when I made the decision to move to Linux. Half-Life 3 for Windows would be finished right now if I did not make that choice.

What do you think? Will Valve make Linux popular? Will there be a Gaming centric distribution of Linux?

Note: Steam is available only on Ubuntu at the moment, if you are a non-Ubuntu user, make your presence felt at Valve forums so that can add support for more distribution.

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