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KDE Plasma Active 3 Improves Performance, Comes With New Apps

The KDE Foundation has released a new version of the KDE Plasma Active, a mobile implementation of KDE for wide range of devices. This version comes with improved performance and several new apps, which include the following:

  • Files: The file manager utility of Plasma Active that relies on metadata, rather than folders for displaying files. Users can tag files based on metadata and the Nepomuk engine organizes files according to its algorithm.
  • Okular: the mobile version of Ebook reader that supports a wide range of formats like PDF, EPub, Open Document, and many others.
  • Kontact: contacts management app
  • Calligra Active: improved version of Calligra office suite designed to work well with touch screens.

The update also comes with a better on screen keyboard that makes typing an ease. KDE also has collaborated with Mer, a mobile OS based on Meego to provide an better ecosystem of KDE plasma active.

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You can read the announcement here.


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