New Raspbian Image For Raspberry Pi Supports Partitioning Of Memory Between CPU And GPU

A new update of SD card image is available for Raspberry Pi that supports partitioning of memory between CPU and GPU. This means if you need more of RAM, you can do that by editing a single configuration file. Also, if you need some graphical memory for running some games, you can just go and increase the memory.

This image is only available for new models with 512 mB of RAM. Hopefully, older models will get an update soon. The SD card image is based on Debian Wheezy, the upcoming version of Debian operating system. Its mostly targeted for developers and programmers wishing to use Raspberry Pi for their daily tasks.

Raspberry Pi is a small, credit card sized computer that runs Linux. It ships with ARM CPU and will run all Oses that have been ported to ARM. It costs just $25 and will not burn a hole in your pockets if you would like to do some experimentation. A whole lot of stuff has been done on it, and hackers are looking for more innovations.

Visit the Raspberry Pi website here.

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