LG Scares Elevator Passengers With IPS Monitors Running On Red Hat Enterprise Linux!

LG played a prank on an elevator passengers to show how life-like their IPS monitors are.  Companies do all kinds of crazy things to showcase their products, so why are we covering it? You will enjoy it even more when you see those scared passengers upon realization that GNU/Linux played a critical role in this prank.

We are know that when someone means serious (and not monkey) business, without any glitches, he uses GNU/Linux. This IPS monitor set-up was running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. LG probably did not want to put the lives of these passengers at risk by using any other operating system!

We have a screen-gab for you. Check it out below.

If the screen-grab got your attention check out the video to see how real are LG’s IPS displays [Linux appears at 1.50].

Slideshow Image:

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