Apple To Run ‘Samsung Did Not Copy iPad’ Ad In UK: Loses Case Against Samsung

Apple has lost is appeal in a UK court against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. The court of appeals has upheld its previous judgment that Samsung did not infringe on any Apple design. The judge had said that ‘Samsung products were not as cool as Apple’.

The previous decision had come in July. Colin Birss (sitting as a Judge of the High Court, UK) had said that Galaxy Tab does not infringe upon the design of Apple’s iPad. The judge said that Galaxy Tab is not identical to the iPad even if there are some similarities but that doesn’t account to design infringement. The judge actually criticized Samsung’s design by stating that they “do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design.”

Apple has not only lost the appeal but also its face. According to the order Apple will have to run an ads in leading UK newspapers as well its own website stating that Samsung did not infringes its products. To ensure that the ad is visible the court also ordered that the text of the ad must not be in a font size smaller than Ariel 14. Apple will have to run the ad on its site for a period of one month.

According to BBC, “The appeal judges decided not to overturn the decision on the basis that an Apple design-rights victory against Samsung in the German courts risked causing confusion in consumers’ minds.”

This is yet another jolt to Apple which has already lost in courts of Appeals in the US against both Samsung Galaxy tab and Galaxy Nexus.

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