Congressman Warns FTC: Suing Google Will Be A Woefully Misguided Step

As you are aware FTC is preparing an anti-trust case against Google (a similar case is being negotiated in Europe). Now a Colarado Democrat Rep. Jared Polis is warning FTC to not take such step against Google. The focus of this investigation is “whether Google manipulates its search results to ensure that its own services, such as YouTube, Google Maps and Google Plus, appear above those of its rivals.”

Polis wrote in his letter [PDF]:

I believe that application of anti-trust against Google would be a woefully misguided step that would threaten the very integrity of our anti-trust system, and could ultimately lead to Congressional action resulting in a reduction in the ability of the FTC to enforce critical anti-trust protections in industries where markets are being distorted by monopolies or oligopolies.

He also pointed out how Google helped small businesses grow. That’s a fact, Google Adsense is the primary soure of revenue for a majority of online business. Google has created a lot of ‘free of cost’ services to boost small and medium businesses.

Polis, who founded many tech businesses reflects the same opinion, “As a high-tech entrepreneur and someone who has actually used Google’s advertising tools to grow my businesses, I encourage the Commission to tread carefully and not undertake action that would compromise the important service provided by Google, reduce Google’s ability to rapidly innovate and improve its products, or make search engine results less useful for consumers or businesses.”

On the contrary companies like Microsoft have done nothing to boost small businesses.

Polis said “Given how easily consumers can switch to a new service with just one click, regulators should be wary of intervening in the tremendous competition online.”

What is your sentiment about FTC’s investigation of Google?

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