Bluelight Powering Auroville With OpenSource

Few weeks back I visited Auroville to meet my friends from BlueLight. BlueLight is a non for profit shop which does all the consulting related to IT and Open Source software. They manage infrastructure for many organizations inside Auroville. They have a diverse team with people from Russia, Gemany, India, France and other countries. They manage a Cyber Cafe which is running on Ubuntu and I was surprised to see the internet savvy users had no issue in using Linux.

As part of community service every month they provide time when a user can walk in and they will install Ubuntu Linux on it.

Another interesting thing I came to know, they have deployed Ubuntu in few schools around Auroville and students are using and enjoying it. They have migrated many offices inside Auroville successfully to Ubuntu Linux. I asked Igor and Manu (pillers of Bluelight) about difficulty they faced while migrating user from Windows to Linux. Their simple answer was: we build a system based on Ubuntu Linux with similar/alternative stack of software they are using on Windows. It takes some time for users to get used to new software and because of the computer’s speed and virus free environment they are tempted move to Linux.

Apart from that BlueLight provides basic training for understanding Linux and hardware. They are active in local Linux User Group in Pondycherry as well.

Another bunch of folks at BlueLight are busy working on Raspberry Pi and on writing unified authentication system in Python for Auroville.

I really liked meeting everyone there, looking forward to meet them soon again when am going to Pondycherry. In the meantime you can follow BlueLight on Facebook.

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